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Power Service Story

Power Service is a family owned business., in operation since 1956, specializes in creating cutting-edge diesel fuel additives. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards, integrity, and product development. Our exclusive focus is on enhancing diesel fuel, and our comprehensive range of top-tier additives ensures improved engine performance throughout the year, trouble-free winter use, and proper fuel tank maintenance.

Benefits of Using Our Quality Products

Our Quality Products enhances lubrication, prolongs engine life, and boosts fuel efficiency.


Optimize power and fuel efficiency, enhance engine lubrication, and prevent or clean clogged injectors.


Prepare diesel fuel for winter conditions, safely restart your engine in emergency situations, and safeguard against fuel gelling and fuel-filter icing.

Fuel Tank Hygiene

Sustain fuel and tank cleanliness, eliminate water and contaminants, and preserve the stability and freshness of stored fuel.

Want to Purchase Our Products?

Our comprehensive range of top-tier diesel fuel additives ensures year-round engine performance enhancement, hassle-free winter usage, and proper fuel tank maintenance.

Experience Our Premium Diesel Fuel

Discover unparalleled engine efficiency and longevity with our premium diesel fuel. Enjoy a smooth, powerful ride while maintaining your engine’s peak performance and minimizing fuel consumption.
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