About Power Service

Diesel fuels the heart of farm operations, from tractors to bulk storage tanks.

Decades of Excellence in Diesel Fuel Innovation

For over six decades, our family-owned, third-generation company has been dedicated to crafting cutting-edge diesel fuel additives. Our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and product innovation drives our focus on diesel fuel treatment. Explore our comprehensive range of top-tier diesel fuel additives, ensuring year-round engine performance enhancement, reliable winter operation, and optimal fuel tank maintenance.

Power Service corporate campus spans 42 acres in Weatherford, Texas, and comprises a 1.3 million-gallon bulk chemical storage facility, state-of-the-art testing and research laboratories, and a highly automated chemical manufacturing warehouse. These cutting-edge facilities are optimized to efficiently fulfill product orders for our extensive network of over 1,000 warehouse distributors, retailers, fleets, and original equipment manufacturers, all of whom serve clients worldwide.

Driving Diesel Industry Advancements

As diesel fuel and engine technologies advance, our commitment to enhancing additive technology remains unwavering. We adapt to the evolving needs of the diesel industry, catering to both modern and older equipment. Our cutting-edge research laboratory continuously conducts fuel testing, enabling Power Service to formulate industry-leading performance additives. These additives optimize diesel engine performance, ensure seamless winter operation, and maintain fuel tank hygiene with excellence.

Driving Diesel Industry Advancements

In 1956, when Al Kramer mixed the first batch of Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement in his garage, he knew he had something special. His son, Ed Kramer, took the product to truckers with impressive results. Ed’s innovative approach, backed by a successful shaker test against competitors, led to the product’s popularity. Ed took over the business in 1971, initially with one product. He expanded the company’s reach with a national distributor network. By 1976, Power Service was coast-to-coast and, by 1981, the nation’s bestseller. The company later developed additives for major fleets’ winter operability and premium fuel sales. Today, Power Service Products, based in Weatherford, Texas, offers a comprehensive range of diesel fuel additives. What began nearly 60 years ago in a one-car garage has evolved into a remarkable success story. Power Service Products stands as a leader in diesel fuel additive technology, dedicated to empowering its customers.


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