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Diesel fuels the heart of farm operations, from tractors to bulk storage tanks.

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Integrated Excellence: Our State-of-the-Art Corporate Campus

Our cutting-edge corporate campus, conveniently situated just one hour west of DFW, serves as the hub for our operations. Within this facility, we have our central office, a state-of-the-art bulk chemical storage plant, a cutting-edge R&D laboratory, and a highly-automated manufacturing facility. This integrated campus allows us to seamlessly manage our administrative functions, conduct research and development, store essential materials, and efficiently produce our products.

Power Service Products corporate office

Power Service Products is located in Weatherford, Texas, a short one-hour drive west from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This 42-acre facility houses Power Service’s corporate office, bulk chemical storage facility, the Albert A. Kramer Fuels Research Laboratory, and manufacturing facility.

Corporate office reception area

Visitors to Power Service’s corporate office are greeted by our experienced staff. We welcome you to schedule a personal facility tour and experience our warm Texas hospitality.

Bulk receiving rack

At this station, we unload raw materials for blending to make Power Service’s diesel additives.

1.1 million-gallon bulk chemical storage facility

The manufacturing process begins when high quality raw materials are delivered and blended in Power Service’s chemical storage facility. The products are then piped to the warehouse for consumer packaging or loaded for bulk transport.

Automated filling lines

We use automated filling lines to ensure bottles are filled accurately. These lines are capable of packaging 16-, 32-, 80-ounce and 1-gallon bottles at a very high speed.

Bottle cap application

In just seconds, a bottle of Power Service diesel additive is sealed, capped and ready for packaging.

Product packaging

Packaging is another seamless process for our automated lines. Here, products are boxed into cases and sent to the palletizer.


The final automated step is the palletizer. It assembles cases onto a wooden pallet and shrink-wraps them to ensure secure loading and unloading of Power Service’s shipments.

Finished product at shipping bays

To handle orders quickly and efficiently, we keep 30 trailerloads of finished products on hand for immediate shipment.
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